Diamond Stocks

There are more than 24 diamond colours and 12 clarity diamond grades making more than 283 possible price combinations.

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  1. Choose your diamond
    Choose the size of your diamond and the quality that you would like. Choose how you would like our goldsmiths to handcraft your ring, earrings, pendant or bracelet.
  2. Email your request
    One of our staff will confirm the diamond quality, size and price. If your diamond is not in our stock, we will add your order on our wait list and we will polish your diamond in approximately 2 weeks .
  3. We deliver to you…. (Worldwide)
    You confirm your price. Our staff will deliver your loose diamond / jewellery to you fully insured.

Conflict Free Diamonds

We work only with the most reputable and regulated diamond suppliers, adhering to a zero-tolerance policy against conflict diamonds.

When you purchase at Australia Diamonds you can be confident that your diamond has been mined and processed in an environmentally and socially conscious manner. Additionally, we exceed regulations set forth by initiatives such as the Kimberley Process, the Patriot Act, and other governmental and non-governmental measures against the illicit acquirement and distribution of diamonds, and we hold our suppliers to those same rigorous standards. We support all programs that encourage the development and regulation of the diamond trade, which continues to serve as a valuable source of employment and revenue for countries throughout the world.

Kimberley Process